Northern Rhodesian general election, 1932

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General elections were held in Northern Rhodesia on 16 July 1932.[1] Of the seven elected seats in the Legislative Council, four had only one candidate, who was elected unopposed; H L Goodhart in the Eastern constituency, John Brown in Midlands, Chad Norris in Northern and T H Murray in Southern.[1] The only contested seats were the two in Livingstone and the one in Ndola.[1]


In Ndola incumbent member Kennedy Harris, a businessman, was challenged by Herbert Walsh, a trade unionist. In the two-member Livingstone and Western constituency, incumbents Leopold Moore (owner of Northern Rhodesia's only newspaper, The Livingstone Mail) and F H Lowe (an accountant and mayor of Livingstone) were challenged by former Livingstone mayor C S Knight and Deputy mayor F D Law.[2]


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