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January 1

New Year's Day, also called simply New Year's or New Year, is observed on January 1, the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar. During the Middle Ages in western Europe, while the Julian calendar was still in use, authorities moved New Year's Day variously, depending upon locale, to one of several other days, among them: 1 March, 25 March, Easter, 1 September, and 25 December. (Full article...)

January 2

Fwayo Tembo is a Zambian professional footballer who is currently playing for MTN FAZ Super League side Power Dynamos F.C. Tembo joined FC Basel for a reported fee of €1.2 million. He made his debut on 20 July 2010 in the 3:2 home win against FC Zürich. Fwayo Tembo left FC Basel after he accused club coach Thorsten Fink of making racist remarks towards him during a training session. Fink is reported to have told a collaborator to "get the monkey down from the tree." He joined Power Dynamos F.C. on a 2 year deal on Monday 4th April 2016 (Full article...)

January 3
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James Sakala is a Zambian songwriter, producer and afro-jazz/Kalindula musician from Mkushi. Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe on 17 October 1983. his family moved to Zambia and settled in Fikolwa area at Kabati Village in Mkushi where he grew up and completed his education. It was here that he started expressing himself through music (Full article...)

January 4
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Chishala Chitoshi popularly known as Gesh Groove is a Zambian MC, radio/TV presenter and producer. He is also the founder of Flava FM, a radio station based in Kitwe. Chitoshi did his first half of primary school in the UK and finished upper primary school at Itawa Primary School in Ndola when his family moved back to Zambia from the UK. He first debuted on ZNBC's Radio 4 as a presenter during his summer break from law school in 1993. From 1999 to 2006 he was radio presenter on Radio Phoenix. (Full article...)

January 5
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Irene Chirwa Mambilima is the Chief Justice of Zambia, in office since 2015. Prior to her appointment as Chief Justice, Mambilima was the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Zambia. In this position, she presided over Zambia's 2006, 2011 presidential and parliamentary elections, and the January 2015 presidential by-election. Mambilima's appointment as Chief Justice was unanimously ratified by the Zambian Parliament in February 2015, making her the country's first female Chief Justice (Full article...)

January 6
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Lewanika (1842–1916) (also known as Lubosi Lewanika or Lewanika I) was the Lozi Litunga (king or paramount chief) of Barotseland from 1878 to 1916 (with a break in 1884-5). A detailed, although biased, description of King 'Lubossi' (the spelling used) can be found in the Portuguese explorer Alexandre de Serpa Pinto's 1878-1879 travel narrative Como eu atravessei a África (How I Crossed Africa, in English translation). (Full article...)

January 7
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The southern white rhinoceros or southern square-lipped rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum simum), is one of the two subspecies of the white rhinoceros. As of late December 2007, the total population was estimated at 17,460 southern white rhino in the wild, making them by far the most abundant subspecies of rhino in the world. Southern white rhinoceros near threatened, has been introduced to suitable habitats in Zambia (Full article...)

January 8

Benjamin Bwalya Jnr (25 August 1961 – 9 February 1999) was a Zambian footballer and coach. Bwalya was the son of soccer administrator Benjamin Bwalya Snr and the elder brother of celebrated former Zambian player Kalusha Bwalya. Mufulira Blackpool in 1978 where it was quite a challenge playing alongside names like John Lengwe, Simon Kaushi and the player he admired the most, Alex Chola. His young brother Kalusha would follow to watch him play and he eventually joined Blackpool as well. (Full article...)

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January 9
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Chipata is the 5th developed City in Zambia, behind Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe and Livingstone, it's population is 455,783. Chipata is the capital of the Eastern Province of Zambia. Having a Town, a Modern Market , a Central hospital, shopping Malls, University,Colleges and a number of schools, Chipata is the business and administrative hub that serves the region. (Full article...)

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January 10
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Nchelenge District is a district of Zambia, located in the Luapula Province. The capital lies at Nchelenge. As of the 2000 Zambian Census, the district had a population of 111,119 people. Nchelenge is one of the ten districts of the Luapula province in Zambia. It is located north of the Luapula province and is 290 km away from Mansa, the provincial capital. The district has a total surface area of 4.793 square kilometers (60% land, 30% water and 10% swamps). (Full article...)

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January 11
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African fish eagle is the national bird of Zambia and appears on the Zambian flag and also on the Coat of arms of Zambia. The African fish eagle's closest relative appears to be the critically endangered Madagascar fish eagleLike all sea eagle species pairs, this one consists of a white-headed species. This species may resemble the bald eagle in appearance; though related, each species occurs on different continents, with the bald eagle being resident in (Full article...)

January 12

The Bemba language, ChiBemba (also Cibemba, Ichibemba, Icibemba and Chiwemba), is a major Bantu language spoken primarily in north-eastern Zambia by the Bemba people and as lingua franca by about 18 related ethnic groups, including the Bisa people of Mpika and Lake Bangweulu, and to a lesser extent in Katanga in the DRC, Tanzania, and Botswana. Bemba is the most spoken indigenous language in Zambia. The Lamba language is closely related and some people consider it a dialect of Bemba. (Full article...)

January 13
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Rajan Mahtani is a Zambian business magnate who is Chairman of Finance Bank Zambia Limited, a medium-sized banking unit in Zambia. On 13 April 2015, Mahtani agreed to surrender his claim over the Zambezi Portland Cement Factory, which its minority shareholder 'the Ventriglias' had taken over by force on 7 April 2015. (Full article...)

January 14
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The Luapula River is a section of Africa's second-longest river, the Congo. It is a transnational river forming for nearly all its length part of the border between Zambia and the DR Congo. The Luapula drains Lake Bangweulu and its swamps into which flows the Chambeshi River, the source of the Congo. There is no single clear channel connecting the two rivers and the lake, but a mass of shifting channels, lagoons and swamps, as the explorer David Livingstone found to his cost. (Full article...)

January 15
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Lake Kariba is the world's largest man-made lake and reservoir by volume. It lies 1300 kilometers upstream from the Indian Ocean, along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Before Lake Kariba was filled, the existing vegetation was burned, creating a thick layer of fertile soil on land that would become the lake bed. (Full article...)

January 16
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Moses Simwala was a Zambian footballer and coach. Nicknamed 'the chairman,' Simwala featured for Zambia and Rhokana United (later Nkana Red Devils and now Nkana F.C.) as a right winger, the same club he would go on to coach for over 12 years and become the most successful coach in Zambian club football, winning the league title a record 8 times and 21 trophies in all. He was voted Zambian coach of the year in 1988 and 1989. (Full article...)

January 17
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Mufulira Wanderers are Zambia’s most successful football club and are based in the Copperbelt town of Mufulira. Popularly known as Mighty Mufulira Wanderers, the club has won 50 trophies and has also produced some of the country’s greatest players. After nine years in Division I, the Wanderers returned to the Zambian Super League in 2015 and preserved their top league status with a 5th place finish. (Full article...)

January 18
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The W.I.T.C.H. (or WITCH) (acronym for We Intend To Cause Havoc) were a Zambian music rock (Zamrock) band formed in the early 1970s. Widely seen as the most popular Zambian band of the time, Witch were formed during Zambia's golden post-independence days, and were headed by Emmanuel “Jagari” Chanda. The group originated from the famous Chamboli Mine Township in Kitwe. Renowned for notorious activities, Chamboli (Full article...)

January 19

Lake Mweru Wantipa or Mweru-wa-Ntipa meaning "muddy lake" (also called 'Mweru Marsh') is a lake and swamp system in the Northern Province of Zambia. It has been regarded in the past as something of mystery, displaying fluctuations in water level and salinity which were not entirely explained by variation in rainfall levels; it has been known to dry out almost completely. Lake Mweru Wantipa is a rift valley lake lying in a branch of the East African Rift, running from the Luapula River to Lake Tanganyika. (Full article...)

January 20
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Howard Mwikuta (20 June 1941 – 26 February 1988) was a Zambian footballer and coach who featured in the first Zambian national team at independence in October 1964. He was named Zambian captain in 1966 and at the end of the season was voted Zambian Sportsman of the Year. Mwikuta was one of the first Zambians to play professional football abroad when he signed for American club Atlanta Chiefs in 1967, together with Emment Kapengwe and Freddie Mwila. (Full article...)

January 21
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Bernard Chanda was one of Zambia's greatest strikers and was the league top scorer three times. Nicknamed 'Bomber,' he played for three of Zambia's biggest clubs – Roan United, Mufulira Wanderers and Rokana United, and is remembered for scoring a hat-trick in the 4–2 semi-final victory over Congo at the 1974 African Cup of Nations tournament. He took up coaching and in 1985, he crossed over to Botswana to coach Gaborone United. He came back to Zambia in 1986 and became coach for Kafue Textiles FC (Full article...)

January 22
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Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-TunyaTonga: the Smoke that Thunders), is a waterfall in southern Africa on the Zambezi River at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary and explorer, is believed to have been the first European to view Victoria Falls on 16 November 1855 from what is now known as Livingstone Island The recent geological history of Victoria Falls can be seen in the form of the gorges below the falls. (Full article...)

January 23
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Lukanga Swamp is a major wetland in the Central Province of Zambia, about 50 km west of Kabwe.Its permanently swampy area consists of a roughly circular area with a diameter of 40 to 50 km covering 1850 km2, plus roughly 250 km2 in the mouths of and along rivers discharging into it such as the Lukanga River from the north-east, plus another 500 km2 either side of the Kafue River to the west and north-west, making 2600 km2 in total. (Full article...)

January 24
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The Yellow baboon (Papio cynocephalus) is a baboon in the family of Old World monkeys. The species epithet literally means "dog-head" in Greek, due to the shape of its muzzle and head. It has a slim body with long arms and legs and a yellowish-brown hair. It resembles the Chacma baboon, but is smaller and its muzzle is not as elongated. Baboons are important in their natural environment, not only serving as food for larger predators, but also aiding in seed dispersal due to their messy foraging habits. (Full article...)

January 25

Ackim Musenge (born 7 October 1949) is a former Zambian footballer and coach. Renowned for his exceptional defensive ability and versatility, Musenge is rated as one of the finest defenders to have played for the Zambia national team, which he captained at the 1978 African Cup of Nations in Ghana. His transition to Wanderers was seamless as Musenge held his own in a very successful team which had a bevy of stars. He made his debut on 20 April 1975 in a league match at Shinde Stadium against Ndola United (Full article...)

January 26
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Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park (Sotho: Musi oa Thunya [Mosi wa Tunya] "The Smoke Which Thunders"), is an UNESCO World Heritage site that is home to one half of the Mosi-oa-Tunya — 'The Smoke Which Thunders' — known worldwide as Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River. ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ comes from the Kololo or Lozi language and the name is now used throughout Zambia. The park is 'twin' to the Victoria Falls National Park on the Zimbabwean side. (Full article...)

January 27
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Petauke is a town and seat of Petauke District located in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Petauke is 400 km from the capital city Lusaka, roughly halfway between Lusaka and the Malawi border. The main spoken language of the 14,000 residents is Nsenga. The town has three colleges; Ukwimi Trades and two other private colleges with the latest one Yasu College of Education offering high quality teacher education with modern facilities and highly qualified staff. (Full article...)

January 28
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The Mafinga Hills are a plateau covered by hills, situated on the border between Zambia and Malawi, in Southern Africa. These hills are composed of quartzites, phyllites and feldspathic sandstones of sedimentary origin. This plateau has the highest point in Zambia,2,339-metre (7,674 ft) Mafinga Central. It once formed a formidable barrier between the Northern and Eastern Provinces. To hike in the Mafinga Hills, it is appropriate to visit the local chief to inform him of the expedition's intentions and possibly request a guide. (Full article...)

January 29
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The Zambezi (also spelled Zambeze and Zambesi) is the fourth-longest river in Africa, the longest east flowing river in Africa and the largest flowing into the Indian Ocean from Africa.The river rises in a black marshy dambo in dense undulating miombo woodland 50 kilometres (31 mi) north of Mwinilunga and 20 kilometres (12 mi) south of Ikelenge in the Ikelenge District of North-Western Province, Zambia at about 1,524 metres (5,000 ft) above sea level. The area around the source is a national monument, forest reserve and Important Bird Area. (Full article...)

January 30
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Joseph-Marie-Stanislas Dupont, nicknamed Moto Moto ('fire fire') by the Bemba people was a French Catholic missionary bishop, who was a pioneer in Zambia's Northern Province (then part of North-Eastern Rhodesia) from 1885 to 1911. He persuaded the Bemba, feared by the Europeans colonizers and by neighbouring tribes, to allow him to become the first missionary into their territory around Kasama. (Full article...)

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January 31
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Masautso Nkhoma (born 17 March 1986) better known by his stage name, Ruff Kid is a Zambian hip hop recording artist and 2012 best International Act winner at the BEFFTA Awards. He debuted in 2000 with the his hit single Wekatemwikwa. Ruff Kid is also the chief executive officer of his own label imprint, Kang'ono Records. According to the artist, the name Ruff Kid depicts where he comes from and the struggles he had encountered while growing up.