Chipoma Falls

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Chipoma Falls is a waterfalls in Chinsali District in Northern Province of Zambia. The falls are at their peak in the month of January of every year.

Chipoma is a Bemba name derived from the sound produced as the water traverses through the rocky surfaces before disappearing downstream in the cover of the ever green foliage.[1]


The waterfalls is situated on the Chimanabwe River, about 24 kilometres south-west of Chinsali and is an attractive portion of the river which is surrounded by ever lush green grass and woods.


The area is believed to have been occupied by the Stone Age people owing to the 12 surviving old clay iron smelting kilns dotted around it. It was proclaimed as a national monument in 1964 and is under the auspices of the National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC).[1]

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