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Republic of Zambia
Famous/Notable Zambians
Famous/Notable People of Zambian Origin
People who Impacted on Zambia
Motto: One Zambia, One Nation
Anthem: Stand and Sing of Zambia, Proud and Free
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This is a list of famous or notable Zambians, or people of Zambian descent, or people who have had an impact on Zambia listed in the following categories, and in no particular order:




Vice Presidents

Prime ministers


Traditional rulers

Chieftainships are listed here. These articles cover all holders of the traditional titles; prominent individual holders may also have their own articles, usually in People in the History of Zambia below.

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Religious Figures



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Other sports



Chess Player


Other Categories (Unclassified)

  • Joseph and Luka Banda - Conjoined twins
  • Lukwesa Burak - Sky News anchor based in London
  • Chilu Lemba - Radio and TV presenter
  • Martin Mubanga - Zambian extrajudicial prisoner of the United States
  • Hammerskjoeld Simwinga — Conservationist/environmentalist
  • Peter Amos Siwo – Pioneering graduate and civil servant
  • Swithin Haangala - Broadcaster/Advertising Consultant and proprietor of Zambezi FM the first commercial broadcasting station in the tourist capital Livingstone, Zambia. Also owner of Lantana Communications, the first indigenous advertising company that handled the privatisation and public listing on the Lusaka Stock Exchange (LuSE) of Zambia Metal Fabricators (ZAMEFA), African Explosives (AEL), Copperbelt Ernegy Corporation (CEC) and Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zanaco).

Other People born in/related to Zambia

  • Ahmad Thomson - Zambian-born British Muslim author
  • Amy Holmes- Zambian-born (Zambian father, American mother) The Blaze news anchor and CNN political contributor
  • Corné Krige - Zambian-born South African Springboks Rugby Union team player
  • Daffyd James - Zambian-born Welsh international rugby player
  • Dambisa Moyo - International economist and best-selling author, born and raised in Lusaka
  • David Shepherd - British artist and conservationist who has painted Zambian wildlife and locomotives
  • Denise Scott Brown - Zambian-born US architect
  • George Gregan - Zambian-born captain of the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union team
  • Jeff Whitley - Zambian-born footballer
  • John Edmond- Zambian-born Rhodesian singer
  • Julia Rose - Zambian-born US actress
  • Norman Carr - British wildlife conservationist who set up national parks in Zambia
  • Phil Edmonds - English cricketer born in Lusaka
  • Robert Earnshaw - Zambian-born Welsh international football player
  • Robert Lange - Zambian-born record producer and songwriter
  • Rozalla - British/Zimbabwean singer born to a Zambian mother
  • Stanley Fischer - Zambian-born Governor of the Bank of Israel
  • Steve Arneil - Famous Karate Kyokushin practitioner born in South Africa, but lived in Zambia (then Northern Rhodesia) until he was 25
  • Tawny Gray - Sculptor
  • V. M. Jones - Author
  • Wilbur Smith - Zambian-born British/South African author
  • Emile Sandé - British singer, Zambian father

Other Prominent Figures in the History of Zambia

This is a list of deceased historical figures (or sub-lists of them) in Zambia and its antecedent territories, and combines Zambians, Africans and non-Zambians including British people and Northern Rhodesians.

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