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December 1
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Today is World AIDS Day, Zambia joins the rest of world to commemorate this day designated on 1 December every year since 1988, is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection, and mourning those who have died of the disease. As of 2013, AIDS has killed more than 36 million people worldwide (1981-2012), and an estimated 35.3 million people are living with HIV (Full article...)

December 2
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Christopher Katongo (born 31 August 1982) is a Zambian international footballer and plays professionally for Zambia Premier Soccer League club Green Buffaloes F.C. as a striker. He is an Africa Cup of Nations winner and won the BBC's African Footballer of the Year award in 2012. (Full article...)

December 3

The Senga people are an ethnic tribe of Zambia, distinct from the Nsenga. The Senga are a tribe who migrated from the southern part of present-day Congo DRC. They re-settled in the Luangwa valley amongst the Tumbuka speaking people. hat the Senga can tell of their past begins with migration to their present home perhaps three centuries ago. There is unanimous agreement that their former (Full article...)

December 4
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South Luangwa National Park in eastern Zambia, the southernmost of three national parks in the valley of the Luangwa River, is a world-renowned wildlife haven. It supports large populations of Thornicroft's giraffe, and herds of elephants and Cape buffaloes often several hundred strong, while the Luangwa River supports abundant crocodiles and hippopotamuses.(Full article...)

December 5
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Collins Mbesuma is a Zambian footballer who currently plays for South African club Mpumalanga Black Aces. He is nicknamed The Hurricane or Ntofontofo. His father, Francis Kajiya, was also a football player who played as a midfielder for Zambian clubs; Green Buffaloes FC and Ndola United FC as well as the country's national team from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. (Full article...)

December 6
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Zambia since 1964, despite its considerable mineral wealth, Zambia faced major challenges. Domestically, there were few trained and educated Zambians capable of running the government, and the economy was largely dependent on foreign expertise. The United National Independence Party (UNIP) won the pre-independence elections, gaining 55 of the 75 seats. The Zambian African National Congress won 10 seats, (Full article...)

December 7
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Her Excellency Dr. Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika (born 10 July 1943, Senanga) is a Zambian politician who has served as Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia to the United States of America. She presented her credentials to U.S. President George W. Bush on 26 February 2003. She was a lecturer and professor of education at the University of Zambia. She was later employed by UNICEF as a regional adviser for Africa. (Full article...)

December 8
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The Blue monkey or diademed monkey (Cercopithecus mitis) is a species of Old World monkey native to Central and East Africa, ranging from the upper Congo River basin east to the East African Rift and south to northern Angola and Zambia. Despite its name, the blue monkey is not noticeably blue: it has little hair on its face, and this does sometimes give a blue appearance, but it never has the vivid blue appearance (Full article...)

December 9

The University of Zambia (UNZA) is a public university located in Lusaka, Zambia. UNZA was established in 1965 and officially opened its doors to the public on July 12, 1966. It is the oldest public university in Zambia. The language of instruction is English. The university was established by Act of Parliament No. 66 of 1965. The first intake of students took place on 17th March 1966. (Full article...)

December 10
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Dear Mama" is a song by Zambian singer and songwriter B Flow and the title track from his fifth studio album Dear Mama (2016). It was written and composed by B Flow with production handled by Killa Beats 'KB'. It was released in March 2016, as the lead single from the album. (Full article...)

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December 11
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The diplomatic relationship between the United States of America and Zambia can be characterized as warm and cooperative. Several U.S. administrations cooperated closely with Zambia's first president, Kenneth Kaunda, in hopes of facilitating solutions to the conflicts in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Angola, and Namibia. (Full article...)

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December 12

Chewa language, also known as Nyanja, is a language of the Bantu language family. The noun class prefix chi- is used for languages, so the language is also called Chichewa and Chinyanja , Chewa is spoken by other people like the Ngoni and the Kunda, so a more neutral name, Chinyanja '(language) of the lake' (referring to Lake Malawi), is used instead of Chichewa.Chewa belongs to the same language group (Guthrie Zone N) as Tumbuka and Sena (Full article...)

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December 13
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The African bush elephant is the larger of the two species of African elephant. Both it and the African forest elephant have in the past been classified as a single species, known simply as the African elephant, but recent preliminary evidence has seen the forest elephant classified as a distinct species. (Full article...)

December 14
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Proflight Zambia, a trading name of Proflight Commuter Services Ltd is an airline based in Lusaka, Zambia that serves the business community and tourism industry. Following the demise of Zambia’s two national carriers Zambian Airways and Zambezi Airlines, Proflight Zambia now operates the largest fleet of aircraft in Zambia, (Full article...)

December 15
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Between Rings is a Zambian film directed Jessie Chisi and Salla Sorri about the professional boxing champion Esther Phiri. The film narrates Phiri’s battle to overcome poverty and make a few sacrifices along her path to became one of Zambia’s most talked about female athletes. She is often noted as a symbol of female empowerment especially through her role of encouraging adolescent Zambian women to take part in sports. (Full article...)

December 16
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The statue of David Livingstone was erected at the Victoria Falls in Livingstone in November 2005. It features a full body replica of Dr Livingstone standing with his right holding his journal and his left hand raised to his forehead as he look upon the water falls. Livingstone was a Scottish Congregationalist pioneer medical missionary with the London Missionary Society and an explorer in Africa (Full article...)

December 17

Emmanuel Milingo is a former Roman Catholic Church archbishop. In 1969, aged 39, Milingo was consecrated by Pope Paul VI as the bishop of the Archdiocese of Lusaka. In 1983, he stepped down from his position as Archbishop of Lusaka after criticism for exorcism and faith healing practices unapproved by church authorities. In May 2001, Milingo said that the Roman Catholic Church should provide priests dispensation from the obligation of celibacy and should readmit married priests to the priestly ministry. (Full article...)

December 18
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The Cape to Cairo Railway is an uncompleted project to cross Africa from south to north by rail. This plan was initiated at the end of the 19th century, during the time of Western colonial rule, largely under the vision of Cecil Rhodes, in the attempt to connect adjacent African possessions of the British Empire through a continuous line from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt. (Full article...)

December 19
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Liuwa Plain National Park lies in Western Province, Zambia, west of the Barotse Floodplain of the Zambezi River near the border with Angola. The Park is governed by African Parks (Zambia), which is a partnership between African Parks, the Zambia Wildlife Authority and the Barotse Royal Establishment, the traditional government of the Lozi people Park was designated as a game reserve of Barotseland by the king, Lewanika (Full article...)

December 20
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The history of rail transport in Zambia began at the start of the twentieth century. The British South Africa Company (BSAC) was responsible for building the Rhodesian railway system in the period of primary construction which ended in 1911, when the main line through Northern Rhodesia reached the Congo border and the Katanga copper mines. (Full article...)

December 21
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Baikiaea plurijuga, known as African teak, Mukusi, Rhodesian teak, Zambian teak or Zambesi redwood, is a species of tree from the legume family, the Fabaceae from southern Africa. Baikiaea plurijuga is a medium sized deciduous tree with pinnate leaves each with 4-5 pairs of opposed leaflets. The showy pink to deep mauve flowers have yellow stamens and are clustered in large axillary [raceme]s, it flowers from November to April. (Full article...)

December 22
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Homo rhodesiensis refers to an extinct hominin species of the genus Homo, first described in 1921 by Arthur Smith Woodward in reference to the Kabwe skull fossil recovered at Broken Hill, or Kabwe, in Zambia. Kabwe 1, also called the Broken Hill skull, was assigned by Arthur Smith Woodward in 1921 as the type specimen for Homo rhodesiensis; most contemporary scientists forego the taxon "rhodesiensis" altogether and assign it to Homo heidelbergensis. (Full article...)

December 23
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The Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) is a political party in Zambia. Originally formed to oust the previous government, MMD controlled an absolute majority in parliament between 1991 and 2001, when its past leader, Frederick Chiluba was President of Zambia. Its election into power in 1991 ended the 27-year rule of President Kenneth Kaunda and his United National Independence Party (UNIP). (Full article...)

December 24

After independence in 1964 the foreign relations of Zambia were mostly focused on supporting liberation movements in other countries in Southern Africa, such as the African National Congress and SWAPO. During the Cold War Zambia was a member of the Non-Aligned Movement. Zambia is a member of 44 international organizations, with the United Nations, World Trade Organization, African Union and Southern African Development Community being among the most notable. (Full article...)

December 25
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Today is Christmas or Christmas Day (Old English: Crīstesmæsse, meaning " Christ's Mass") is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus observed most commonly on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. Christmas Day is a public holiday in many of the world's nations is celebrated culturally by a large number of non-Christian people (Full article...)

December 26

Ndola is the third largest city in Zambia. It is the industrial and commercial center of the Copperbelt, Zambia's copper-mining region, and capital of Copperbelt Province. It is also the commercial capital city of Zambia and has one of the three international airports, others being Livingstone and Lusaka. Ndola was founded in 1904, by John Edward "Chiripula" Stephenson just six months after Livingstone, making it the second oldest colonial-era town of Zambia. (Full article...)

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December 27

The Tonga people (also called Batonga) are a Bantu ethnic group of southern Zambia. They are related to the Batoka who are part of the Tokaleya people in the same area, and also to the Tonga people of Malawi. In southern Zambia they are patrons of the Kafue Twa. The Tonga language of Zambia is spoken by about 1.38 million people in Zambia. The Tonga People were settled along Lake Kariba after the construction of the Kariba Dam wall. (Full article...)

December 28

Mulungushi is a river in central Zambia which has taken on a symbolic and historical meaning synonymous with the independence and identity of the nation, and has been given to a number of events, localities, buildings and organisations which include, the Mulungushi Declaration, a policy statement made by President Kenneth Kaunda in 1968 on the nationalisation of the means of production, Mulungushi Hall, an international conference and convention centre. (Full article...)

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December 29
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The Rhodesian giraffe (Giraffa tippelskirchi, formerly Giraffa thornicrofti), also known as Thornicroft’s giraffe, is a giraffe currently deemed synonymous with the Luangwa giraffe, and is a conspecific ecotype of the Masai giraffe. It is considered to be geographically isolated, occurring only in Zambia. Rhodesian giraffes are tall with very long necks. They have long, dark-colored tongues and skin-colored horns. (Full article...)

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December 30
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Bushbucks are the most widespread antelope in Sub-Saharan Africa. Two species are recognised, the kéwel (Tragelaphus scriptus) and the imbabala (Tragelaphus sylvaticus). Both species are more closely related to other members of the tragelaphine family than to each other. The kéwel is a smaller animal, with a mainly red or yellow ground colour. It is conspicuously striped and patterned and there is little to no sexual dimorphism with respect to ground colouration. (Full article...)

December 31

In the Gregorian calendar, New Year's Eve (also known as Old Year's Day or Saint Sylvester's Day in many countries), the last day of the year, is on December 31 which is six days after Christmas Day. The celebrations generally go on past midnight into January 1 (New Year's Day). People attend church services at many churches in Zambia. The service begins at 9PM or 10PM, the service ends mostly 05AM the the following morning. (Full article...)