Zambia Association of Musicians

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Zambia Association of Musicians
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PredecessorZambia Union of Musicians
SloganUnited with One Voice

Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) is an association that was created to address some of the challenges faced by musicians in the country. The organisation represented music artists in all matters arising in the industry until February 2001 when it transformed into an association and was renamed from Zambia Union of Musicians (ZUM) to Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM).


ZAM was founded in 1979 as the Zambia Union of Musicians (ZUM). When the 1994 National Arts Council Act 31 came into force, it became registered as an arts association and it's name changed. It became a requirement for ZAM, as an Arts Association, to be registered with the National Arts Council (NAC) in accordance with Part II of the Statutory Instrument No. 129 of 1995.

Years later, the association was rocked by poor management and administration, prompting members to hold an extra-ordinary conference that amended the ZAM constitution on 9 February 2010 and elected a new National Executive Committee.


ZAM's focuses on supporting and protecting Zambian musicians and their music, promote and improve music through coordination, mobilize resources, support quality control, provide advocacy, promote research and networking, facilitate formation of strong partnerships between and among musicians.

In addition, ZAM also looks at aspects such as professionalism, commitment of quality, resource management and transparency among artists.

Governance structure

The constitution of ZAM puts the Annual General Meeting and the Extra Ordinary Conference at the top of its hierarchy, to which the National Executive Committee reports. An eight-member NEC is elected every two years, and is responsible for conducting the affairs of the association. Duly elected National Executive Committee members hold office for two years and are eligible for re-election. The Chairperson is eligible to stand for two conservative terms.

The Secretariat, which employs professional staff and is overseen by the General Secretary, has various departments that deal with the mandates of ZAM, namely: Administration and Commission, Finance and Research Mobilization, Promotion and Networking, Legal and Quality Control, Projects, and Research and Advocacy. ZAM is governed by a Code of Conduct, which is administered by disciplinary committee, and like NEC, it is also elected by the AGM every two years.


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