Speaker of the National Assembly

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Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia
Patrick Matibini

since October, 6 2011
National Assembly of Zambia
StyleHonorable Speaker
TypePresiding officer of one chamber in a bicameral legislature
AppointerElected by members of the National Assembly
WebsitePresiding Officers

The Speaker of the National Assembly presides over the National Assembly of Zambia, the lower house of the Parliament of Zambia. The speaker is chosen from among the Members of the Assembly at its first sitting following a general election and whenever the office is vacant. The Speaker acts as a " referee ", taking charge of debates to make sure that the MPs can participate freely while keeping to the rules. The Speaker also has managerial duties to ensure that Parliament runs smoothly. Each political party in the Assembly elects a chief whip to run its affairs. The presiding officers, the chief whips, and the Leader of Government Business (the person appointed by the Cabinet to liaise with Parliament) together decide on the programme of work.


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