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Lupando Katoloshi Mwape is a Zambian politician. He served as Vice-President of Zambia from 2004 to 2006 under President Levy Mwanawasa, who indicated that, had Mwape not been defeated in the 2006 parliamentary election, he would almost certainly have been re-appointed as Vice-President. Mwape was succeeded by Rupiah Banda, who became president on Mwanawasa's death in 2008.


  • Qualified Bachelor of Engineering and Educationalist in the Technical establishment,
  • Aeronautical El,
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Technical and Vocational Lecturer,
  • Aircraft Inspector,
  • Educational Administrator, Team Leader, Curriculum Development Advisor,
  • Examiner and Moderator of Electro-Sciences and Engineering and Aviation Programmes.
  • Started career as an engineer and later an Educationalist and holds a degree in Aero - El, Dip Tech. Education, UK Airworthiness Certificate and possesses an AME Certificate, membership of the Engineering Institute of Zambia (MEIZ) and MBA (Student).

Positions held

  • Elected Member of Parliament. September 2000
  • Appointed Minister of Communications and Transport. And concurrently served as Chairman of Africa Telecommunications Union (ATU); May 2001
  • Member of the Zambia National Tender Board (ZNTB); Co-chair of TAZARA Council of Ministers and became Chair from 2002 - 2003;
  • Appointed Northern Province Provincial Minister. Between June and October 2004,
  • At Party level, was Co-opted MMD Northern Province Vice-Chairman in 2001 and became Chairman from April 2003.
  • In October 2004, when was Co-opted MMD National Trustee until July 2005 and was elected MMD National Trustee the position held until November 2006.
  • Served as Vice President of the Republic of Zambia from October 2004 to October 2006.
  • As Resident Ambassador to P.R. China 2007-2009, His Excellency Lupando Augustine Festus K. Mwape was a Non-Residential Ambassador to DPR Korea, Kingdom of Thailand, Kingdom of Cambodia, Mongolia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Vietnam, Pakistan and Afghanistan.


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