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Lua error in Module:Location_map at line 335: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'right' (a string value). Chembe is a small town in Milenge District of the Luapula Province of Zambia, which owes its existence to being the site of the Chembe Ferry across the Luapula River dividing Zambia and the Congo Pedicle territory of DR Congo. The ferry connects the principal Luapula highway to the Congo Pedicle road, a dirt highway maintained by Zambia through Congolese territory to link Mansa to the Copperbelt.

With peace in the Congo, in 2007 construction started of the 350-metre Chembe Bridge to by-pass the ferry, due for completion in 2008. Subsequent paving of the Pedicle road will do much to improve trade through the town.


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  • Google Earth has high resolution photos of Chembe with ferry and bridge construction clearly visible at lat -11.984 lon 28.734.

Coordinates: 11°57′S 28°44′E / 11.950°S 28.733°E / -11.950; 28.733