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The Zambia Democratic Congress (ZADECO), also known as the Zambia Development Conference, is a political party in Zambia.


The party was established by in May 1995 by former ministers Dean Mungomba and Derrick Chitala after they were sacked by President Frederick Chiluba.[1][2] Mungomba was the party's presidential candidate in the 1996 general elections, finishing second in a field of five candidates with 13% of the vote. In the parliamentary elections the party nominated 141 candidates,[3] receiving 14% of the vote but only winning two seats in the National Assembly.

In 1998 some members broke away to form the Zambia Democratic Party.[4] In 1999 ZADECO joined the Zambia Alliance for Progress, which failed to win a seat in the 2001 general elections. It was subsequently part of the National Democratic Focus for the 2006 general elections,[5] with the NDF winning a single seat.


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