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Notability is a criterion to determine whether a topic merits a separate Chalo Chatu article. In general, notability is an attempt to assess whether the topic has "gained sufficiently significant attention by Zambia at large and over a period of time as evidenced by significant coverage in reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic.



Notability should be demonstrated using reliable sources according to the corresponding Chalo Chatu guideline. Reliable sources generally include mainstream news media and major academic journals, and exclude self-published sources, particularly when self-published on the internet. The foundation of this theory is that such sources "exercise some form of editorial control."

Verifiability, or the ability for the reader to confirm that content corresponds to the cited source, is the standard. "Gather references both to use as source(s) of your information and also to demonstrate notability of your article's subject matter. References to blogs, personal websites and Facebook don't count – we need reliable sources."

Content not based on reliable sources may be deemed original research, which is prohibited on Chalo Chatu. "A correlate to this notability criterion, crucial to the identity of the site, is the prohibition on original research, including the synthesis of previously published material."


As the Chalo Chatu community has grown, its rules have in turn become more complex, a trend known as instruction creep. This trend is reflected in the development and increasing complexity of the notability guidelines, with various special notability guidelines being proposed for specific topic areas


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