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Chabota Kanguya
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Isaac Chabota Kanguya Jr

(1993-02-20) February 20, 1993 (age 31)
Nationality Zambia
Years active2016-present
  • Salome Kanguya (sister)
  • Veronica Kanguya (sister)
  • Louis Figo Kanguya (brother)

Chabota Kanguya (born February 20, 1993) is a Zambian Internet personality. He is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Chalo Chatu.[1][2] He is best know for his role at Zambezi Fm as the radio presenter in 2013 for the show called Making friends forum which used to come every Saturday.

Early life and education

Early life

Chabota[notes 1]was born in 1993 in Mumbwa the son of Justina Mapulanga and Isaac Kanguya, and the oldest of four children. His father is the Public Relations Manager at NHCC. Chabota has two Sisters, Salome and Veronica Kanguya, and one brother Louis Kanguya. He grew up in a one-bedroom in Kanyama, Lusaka and helped his mother with her small business related that his mother did. Chabota's childhood was deeply affected when the house they stayed in was hit by a car and the walls of the house fell and at that moment him with his mother and his two sisters where in the house having luanch while his father was at work.

His family moved to Livingstone, when he was 7 years old.[2] He attended, his high school at Linda High School where he was "always at the top of his class" when it came to computers. He completed his school at Linda High School with in 2011. [4]

Early education

Kanguya's education started at Taonga Primary School where he learnt the basics of the English language but he also says that he polished up his English after watching the cartoon shows The Flintstones and Top Cat. When his family moved to Livingstone and he was tranfered to Siyanalumba Basic School where he did his 2nd 3rd and 4th grade and then was tranfered to Nalituwe Basic School. While at Nalituwe basic he discovered that the talent of drawing and so him and his friends formed a small group of artists from which they drew a number of art works together. While in the in the seventh grade It is believed that he made a comic book titled Pan Africa missions using one of his 80pages book. Chabota says that the group didn't last long as it was demolished after one of his group mates was slapped and transfered to a different class by his seventh grade teacher since the group was more into drawing unlike studying.

While at Nalituwe Basic during his 8th grade Chabota was president of the IBA (Important Bird Areas) club under the BirdLife project, In his own words he said that he currently holds the Zambian birdwatching record at the age of 17 with 269.[2] Chabota was also a memebr debate club where he was selected as the club's secretary and he was also a volleyball player.

High school and higher education

Chabota attended his high at Linda High School. During his 11th grade at Linda High Chabota joined the computer awareness club where he was selected the club's project coordinator.[2] In 2010 He took part in a quiz competition under Zain held at the Livingstone Museum where he won first price in the category of computer science he left the club after 8 months and became the a librarian and the following year he was picked to be the Chief librarian of the school.

In October 2012 Chabota enrolled to a private institution to-do a short course of web development and networking, Chabota says he never finished these two short courses cause he had to prepare to go to a piloting school the following year.

In 2013 Chabota enrolled at Aero Precision College to do Piloting he was at the collage for one year due to the fact that the college had no air planes. [4]


Early career

Chabota's career started when he was in Grade 12 he worked as a radio presenter at Zambezi Fm. He was with the radio station for one year. After graduating from high school he worked as the P.A. for the managing director of Fidelity Labour Consultancy where he worked for approximately one year. He left the company in mid of 2012 cause he felt it wasn't his calling. [4]

Writing career

During his time as a Librarian at Linda High School Chabota learnt the basics of writing articles with full access to all kinds of books in the libray and his major interest has been history.

His writting career started in 2007 with an to attempted to write articles on Wikipedia he says it was not an easy road but has learnt how and has a number of articles on the Wikipedia website the top article being of singer and song writer B Flow. According to to his own account on Wikipedia Chabota is constantly researching a wide variety of topics, including: current events, local history, music and politics and he is also In support of the open knowledge/free culture movement in general. [5]

In March 2017 Chabota joined the Global Platform Zambia a book club to help him grow with his wirtting and learn more through other writer in the book club.

Chabota writes a blog on called AskChabota.

Chalo Chatu

Chabota shows other Chalo Chatu writers how media wiki works and a few basics of wiki text.

Chabota was asked to join Chalo Chatu by Jason Mulikita in May of 2016 founder and C.E.O of the Chalo Chatu Foundation. Jason had no formal search for a COO, but thought of Chabota as "a perfect fit" for this role as he had the knowledge and how media wiki works.

Women's History Museum


In 2007 Chabota opened the label Icem4k which he used to sign his artwork the time he was in school. Later in 2009 he started to use the label as a record label to produce instruments.

In 2017 Chabota went on a training program under the US Embassy in Lusaka for audio and music production for one month.

Personal life

Chabota is the first born out of the family of four. With two sisters (Veronica Kanguya & Salome Kanguya) and a brother (Louis Figo Kanguya). Chabota is a Seventh-Day-Adventist.

Religious views

Chabota is a Protestant Christian whose religious views developed in his teenage life. He became a believer and was baptised in the Seventh-Day-Adventist Church in Livingstone.

He describes his mother, raised from a Catholic background who is now Seventh-Day-Adventist as "a woman who sees religion as particularly useful in everyday life." [2] And says she has helped him grow spiritually and understand God.

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  1. The name Chabota is a Tonga name that means something nice.[3]


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