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Icem4k Bot
This user is a bot
(talk · contribs)
Task(s)Inform editors that they may have broken the references on a page
Edit rate?/day
Edit period(s)Daily
Automatic or manual?Automatic
Programming language(s)Python
Exclusion compliant?No
Source code published?If someone wants it, bug me to release it.
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes

What the Bot Does

ReferenceBot finds edits from the previous day that cause referencing errors, and notifies the editors requesting that they fix them. ReferenceBot does not fix any errors.

If it has to create a talk page for the user, it will {{welcome}} them.

ReferenceBot notifies editors about edits that add articles to the following categories:


The current templates used are {{User:Icem4k Bot/inform/top}}, {{User:Icem4k Bot/inform/middle}} and {{User:Icem4k Bot/inform/bottom}}.

In Case of Malfunction