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Nasty D, born Davies Gersom Ngoma, is a Zambian musician. His music is a fusion of Kalifunku and Kalindula he called Zambezi music.


Nasty D started his entertainment career as a DJ and music promoter working for EHD Mobile disco company which specialized in Zambia’s famed Teen Variety shows in and around Zambia’s Copperbelt, but mostly Kitwe.

Nasty D first collaborated with Ommy Luv of Tanzania and Mash Me of Zimbabwe; the trio formed the rap group T2Z while at college in Zimbabwe. He came back to Zambia upon completing his studies and made his first public appearance as a musician on a local TV production called Sounds Good where he sang Good Milile. The track became an instant hit on the show and marked his step to fame.[1]

In 1997, he moved to Lusaka and worked under Brian Shakarongo Chengala’s Jah Entertainments. Failure to access recording facilities became a challenge to him. He enrolled at West London College to study CIMA. With money earned from working part-time in a chicken restaurant, he managed to record his first Nyanjalize Bembalize album at a studio in Central London. It was the first Zambian recording to reach the Sounds Music Chart, a local chart show based on album sales.[1]

This was followed by the formation of a music group called ‘Ever High Dreads’ or EHD as it was popularly known. In 2000, Steve Lox died after a long illness. 2wice, another member, released a single tilted ‘Tomato Balunda’ which was meant to be an EHD project. This upset the rest of the group and the group disbanded.[1]

His second album Fwelele Fwelele was released in 2001, published by Sounds Investments Zambia and in 2002 Nasty D formed an entertainment production company with his wife, which they called Mphalala Production.

The third album Zambezi Yeka Yeka was released on Mphalala Productions. This album featured Louie X and Shi Masta. The album marked the beginning of the Zambezi Music era, and again the song Aitaya topped the local charts for a record 23 weeks. Nasty D formed the Zambezi Symphony playing live Zambian music.

Zambezi Symphony comprised of Desh, Shi Masta, Mwaka and Queen Sheba on backing vocals, Zenzo, Mwika and Mumbi on bass guitar, rhythm guitar and drums respectively, Dave on lead guitar while Nasty D and 2wice where the main vocalists. After touring the country, the group disbanded and Nasty retreated to Kabwe with some of the band members to explore Zambezi music.

He later formed the Zambezi Family band with his brother Hakeem and sister Mwaka. In 2004, he released his fourth album titled ‘Banjikata Kata Sana’. The album explored his Zambezi music with the title track about his arrest. It was released under Mission Press.

In 2005, he moved back to Lusaka and worked on an eight track album called Zambezi Fire which was released in July under Supershine Investments. This was followed by another music project titled ‘Zambezi Bluez’.

In 2007 he decided to take a break from the music industry, citing personal reasons, among them school. In 2012 he returned with a remix of his classic hit Bombasa and Shake Your Kwendo, a club banger in which he featured a talented teenage rapper Drillz and Stevo.[2]


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