Mashombe Blue Jeans

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Mashombe Blue Jeans
OriginLivingstone, Zambia
Years active2000 - Present

Mashombe Blue Jeans is one of a number of kalindula ensembles from the Southern Province of Zambia. Like other kalindula groups, they sing and play a style of Zambian music that blends traditional with modern musical materials.

Their reputation has received a considerable boost from their association with the Tonga Music Festival[1] sponsored by Chikuni Radio Station and they have released a number of cassettes as a result of their collaboration with the station.[2] Like other popular Zambian groups, Mashombe Blue Jeans has also made appearances at the Ngoma Music Awards, Zambia's main music award ceremony.[3]

The Livingstone-based group has received news coverage in almost all Zambia's national newspapers and even received mention in the National Assembly of Zambia in 2004.[4]