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TitleQueen of the Makololo tribe
Spouse(s)King Sipopa Lutangu
Parent(s)King Sebetwane and one of his wives
RelativesSekeletu and Mpepe (brothers)
Litali (nephew)

Mamochisane (fl. 1850s) was a Makololo Queen who ruled over many people, but especially the Lozi in Barotseland, today's Western Zambia, and was a wife of King Sipopa Lutangu. Her uncle was the king Mbololo.


Mamochisane was a daughter of the King Sebetwane, half-sister of Prince Sekeletu and sister or half-sister of Prince Mpepe. She succeeded her father on his death in 1851, as he had intended long before his death, even if she had brothers. She maintained the friendship with the explorer David Livingstone, which had been initiated by her father, giving him permission to visit all her kingdom.

When Livingstone returned in 1853 to the Makololo's capital, Linyati, he found out that only shortly after her father's death she had stepped down in favour of her brother Sekeletu, who became a new king. In Livingstone's account the reason was her desire to have a stable husband and a family that was firmly hers, while as a ruler she was forced to alternate many husbands so that none got too much power.

Mamochisane had a nephew called Litali; he was a Sekeletu's son. She married Sipopa Lutangu.


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