Hillcrest Technical High School

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Hillcrest National Technical High School
MottoLet us by our deeds be judged
Grades8 - 12
Number of students3000+

Hillcrest National Technical High School is a Government High School running from Grade Eight (8) to Grade Twelve (12).[1] The School, is located in Livingstone, Zambia. It is one of the biggest schools in the country selecting students from at least six out of ten provinces in Zambia. The school offers both O Level and A Level education and is a co- curricular school.

Mode of Selection

Hillcrest High School selects the best students from Grade 9 and Grade 7 candidates from six out of ten provinces in Zambia, and the cut-off point is always above the national average cut-off point for students to make it to Grade 10.

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