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Field Ruwe
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Field Ruwe
Field Ruwe

(1955-08-08) 8 August 1955 (age 66)
Kitwe, Zambia
EducationB.A. Mass Communication & Journalism, M.A. History, PhD (Candidate)
OccupationMedia Practitioner
  • Mathilda Bwalya Mutale

Field Ruwe (born 8 August 1955) is a Zambian educator, historian, author, and media practitioner currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. In Zambia, Ruwe is known as a radio and television host, entertainer, and entrepreneur. On March 30, 2016, Ruwe signed a book contract with the Oklahoma-based Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LCC for his novel "Crown Jewels." The deal includes Ruwe's future fiction and nonfiction works.


As well as his radio and television journalism, Ruwe has written for newspapers and has authored books. Using research methods used in journalism, Ruwe has written three novels "Dyeing of Colors", "Alluvial Reflections", "Pearly Gates", and his fourth entitled "Crown Jewels" which is due to be published soon. His first novel "Dyeing of Colors" was published in 2003. His second novel, "Alluvial Reflections", published in 2004, is Ruwe's attempt at thriller. In 2004, Ruwe went on Leave of Absence from Suffolk University to write his third novel "Pearly Gates", published in 2007. In the novel, the jury finds Fisha Bayu guilty and sends him to death row. Ruwe's latest novel "Crown Jewels" is a sequel in which Fisha Bayu takes Queen Elizabeth II to court for colonialism.

Ruwe was educated at the New England Institute of Art and Communications, Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts, California State University, Fresno, and Fresno Pacific University, Fresno. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism with a major in Broadcast Journalism and a Master's Degree in History. Currently, he is a PhD candidate. He is a member of the Alpha Delta Pi Society and the Phi Alpha Theta. At California State University, Fresno, he was conferred membership in Kappa Tau Alpha's National Honor Society in Journalism and Mass Communication. In 2006, Ruwe became a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society an organisation that recognizes college students solely on the basis of their academic achievements. Well known honorary members include US President Bill Clinton, General Colin Powell, Astronaut John Glenn and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Early life

Ruwe was born in Wusakili Hospital, Kitwe, Zambia, the son of Jeremiah Aaron Ruwe and Rachel Mbizi. He attended Maiteneke Primary School in Chingola. In 1968, he was moved to Chingola Primary School an all-white school. In 1969 he attended high school at Chikola Secondary School, Chingola, and later at Matero Boys' Secondary School in Lusaka where he repeated form V. He was a member of the Chikola Debate Club and the Boys' Brigade. He sang in the Chiwempala Church Choir and the St. Marks Church Choir.


In 1975, he entered broadcasting as a Program Operator for Zambia Broadcasting Services, recording radio programs. The following year, Ruwe devised a television sketch show called Tiyende Pamodzi Comedy Show, based on the BBC format of The Two Ronnies, a comedy show aired on Television Zambia in the early seventies, featuring the double act of Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett.

Ruwe's first time to host a radio show was in 1977 when he took over the presentation of "Sanyo Hit Parade" from Humphrey Mapoma. Known by the listeners as "Captain of the Air," Ruwe featured an eclectic selection of whatever sort of music struck his fancy. He began to get deluged with mail from listeners who asked him to play their favorite songs. So, Ruwe ventured into commercial radio production, getting sponsorship from various companies around the country.

In 1978, Ruwe resigned from ZBS and later moved to Nairobi, Kenya, where he produced a comedy show on the Voice of Kenya television entitled "Come What May," featuring himself as the disastrous-prone 'Dafurao.' The program was a sketch show crossed with a sitcom. It also included a duo of him and Rashpal Panesar reading a spoof of news. It is believed that Ruwe was the first to introduce locally produced English comedy on the Voice of Kenya. Ruwe also performed radio continuity duties, narrated various scripted programs and compiled/presented "Jazz Hour" on the Voice of Kenya.

BBC Club

Ruwe returned to Zambia in 1982. In the same year, he was sponsored by The British Council to study television production at the BBC Open University in Milton Keynes, England and became a member of the BBC Club.

Private sector

Upon completion of the course, he returned home and in 1983 teamed up with Zambia's prolific actress Mathilda Malamamfumu Tutu to form Rutu Advertising Agency. Their immediate hit was "Secretary of the Year" contest, which was launched in August 1984. The contest featured top-flight secretaries drawn from different parts of the country and drew interest from the private sector and parastatal organizations including the Bank of Zambia. In 1985, Ruwe and his partner acquired copies of the movie Love Brewed in an African Pot directed by Ghanaian film maker Akwa Ansah which they showed around the country. In the same year, Ruwe wrote his first book, Have A Good Laugh, a compilation of jokes from different parts of the world.

In 1986, Ruwe and Tutu split. Rutu became Rute Advertising ('te' drawn from his daughter Thembinkosi). Between 1986 and 1990 Ruwe scripted and hosted various radio and television programs which included "Money Matters" by the Bank of Zambia, "The Road" a production of the National Roads Board and the World Bank, "Zamseed Radio Program" by Zambia Seed Company, "DBZ of the Air" by the Development Bank of Zambia, and more than twenty companies under the auspices of INDECO group of companies. Television programs included "The Tourist" by Zambia National Tourist Board, and various sponsored musicals. During the first Zambia Annual Broadcasting Awards Ceremony, held in Lusaka on 29 December 1989, Ruwe was presented "The Best Disc Jockey of the Year" for all radio channels award, thereby being recognized as the best radio DJ in the country.

From 1990 to 1995, Ruwe operated his own car hire (Rute Car Hire) firm with a fleet of eleven cars and one bus. Ruwe was also known to feature at state functions, dinners and weddings as Master of Ceremonies (ringmaster), often bringing humor and fun to the occasion.

Current life

In 2006, Ruwe hosted a radio program called The World at Large, on Valley Public Radio, KVPR FM89.3 Fresno and KPRX FM89.1 Bakersfield, California. The program served as a vehicle to share ideas and possible solutions to the myriad of complex issues facing the world of trade. Between June and October 2006, Ruwe interviewed growers, food processors, manufacturers, importers and exporters. Program participants included corporate CEOs, members of Chamber and Commerce, Professors in Agricultural and Business schools, and US government officials in the trade departments.

In 2008, Ruwe, in league with distinguished scholars, Dr. Miles Ishigaki, professor at Fresno State, and Dr. Robert Marquez, scientist and affiliated New Mexico State University professor, created Africa Center (USA) a non-profit, all-inclusive clearinghouse for philanthropists, donors and sympathizers wishing to help African relief efforts and improve the lives of the displaced, impoverished and diseased in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

2011- Ruwe is the author of "Hunt for Successor Series" based on Zambian politics. His article "Zambian Intellectuals are Lazy" went viral. He is the author of the "Biography of President of Zambia Michael Chilufya Sata." Following the death of the president parts of the article were quoted by the New York Times, and Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Personal life

Ruwe is married to Dr. Mathilda Bwalya Ruwe a medical doctor and research scientist. He is a father of three children, Thembinkosi, Dalitso and Rachel, and a grandfather of two, Martin and Zoe.

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