Dorika (character)

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Portrayed byBob Nkosha
Full nameDorika Ndaifulila

Dorika is a fictional character depicted by Bob Nkosha, a renowned Zambian comedian, writer, director and actor. She is depicted as a tough-talk woman who did not have an education.


In the initial shows, Dorika was referred to as as an illiterate person who could not even speak English fluently. But over the years, she has developed and is able to understand society in a different light. She is able to speak good English, interacts with people at different levels and also stands as a role-model through her standup comedy.

Fictional character biography

Dorika is a 45-year-old single mother who does not depend on men for financial support; she encourages women not to allow men to trample on them.[1] She is a high rolling social lite who has established herself as a woman of influence in the suburbs of Kitwe in Zambia.[2]


In March 2015, Minister of Education Michael Kaingu referred to United Party for National Development Namwala Member of Parliament Moono Lubezhi as "Dorika". Kaingu later apologised to Lubezhi, stating that he was not aware that the name was associated with prostitution. Nkosha came to the defense and stated that Dorika has grossly been mischaracterised to depict a woman of easy virtue when she is, in fact, a woman of influence readying to go places.[3]

TV series

In October 2016, DSTv's Zambezi Magic announced the premier of the TV series Dorika, which would give Southern African viewers a taste of one of Zambia's entertaining characters.[4]

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