Chikankata District

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Chikankata District is a district in Southern Province of Zambia and was created In December 2011. The administrative offices are found 71 kilometres from Mazabuka town and 12 kilometres from Kafue town.

The district's main employers are Kafue Gorge Power Station and Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre. However, other smaller employers are Kafue Gorge Hospital, Chikankata High School, Chikankata Mission Hospital and Namalundu Secondary High School.

Chikankata High School

Chikankata High School is run by the Salvation Army. It is one of the most well-known schools in the country. The school has about 760 pupils, with the majority being borders that come from Southern and Lusaka provinces.

Namalundu Secondary School

In addition to Chikankata High School, this is the second secondary school in a district of over 60,000 people. The district also has 30 primary schools.

Chikankata College of Bio-Medical Sciences

This is one of the major training facilities in the district. The college trains manpower in the ministry of health.

Chikankata Mission Hospital

The hospital is funded by the government, but it is run by the Salvation Army. The hospital is a second level health institution, that is, it is a referral hospital. The hospital was the first to introduce the concept of home based care in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Kafue Gorge Hospital

Kafue Gorge Hospital is a government hospital. In addition the district has other 15 rural health centres scattered around in the district.

Chikankata District's economy

In addition to the generation of power at Kafue Gorge Power Station and running of Hydropower Training Courses and Conferencing at Kafue Gorge Training Centre (KGRTC), the district is also involved in peasant farming.

Chikankata district produces a lot of Maize. It is second only to Kalomo and no district produces as much as it does. The district also keeps a lot of cattle.

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