ChaloChatu:Main Page FAQ

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Why am I not able to edit the Main Page?

The Main Page and its templates are permanently protected and may only be edited by administrators. Images are protected for the period of time that they are on the Main Page. This cascading protection was implemented as a result of repeated vandalism of the Main Page and keeps our welcome mat clean. If you see a problem, please mention it at ChaloChatu:Main Page/Errors so an administrator can fix it.

How do I get something fixed on the Main Page?

If the error is straightforward, such as a misspelling or obvious error of fact, post it to ChaloChatu:Main Page/Errors and an administrator will fix it. For more complicated discussion, such as about image choice or topical coverage, post to Talk:Main Page. Please centralize discussion in one location. The main page usually defers to the supporting articles when there is disagreement, so it is best to achieve consensus and make any necessary changes there first.

Isn't a problem on the Main Page more pressing? Why does the Main Page defer to articles so I need to change the article first?

The error page is not designed for lengthy discussion. Although it is possible to initiate such discussion at Talk:Main Page , if there is any possibility of dispute and the problem is just carried over from the article, it is better to hold the discussion at the article talk page, which is a far more relevant venue and is more likely to be watched by editors familiar with the article. In the event of a misleading error, changing it in the template may seem to be more immediately pressing since many people will see it on the Main Page. However, if nothing is done about the article, the problem easily could remain for a long time afterwards and be seen by even more readers. Changing the problem in the article does not usually require the assistance of an administrator and there is no guarantee that anyone will notice the problem in the article or notice the change on the Main Page. Finally, since the presence of an error on the Main Page becomes a moot point once the article no longer is on the Main Page, any error report is removed regardless of whether it was resolved. The error page is not archived and any discussion there is effectively lost. And even if it were archived or the discussion held in Talk:Main Page, which is archived, this is not directly connected to the article. This means that there is little likelihood that anyone trying to find discussions about an issue in the article will come across any relevant discussions

How are templates used on the Main Page?

Almost all of the text seen on the Main page is from transcluded templates, which are also protected. The sections that are regularly updated are: Today's featured article The Main Page also contains one automatically updating number, NUMBER OF ARTICLES (currently 1,390).

When is the Main Page updated? Why do you have the wrong date in "On this day"?

As an international community, Chalo Chatu is organized along Coordinated Universal Time , which roughly corresponds to Western European Time without daylight savings.

Why is the Main Page not updating?

The servers may still have the previous day's version of the Main Page cached, so try purging the server cache . If that does not seem to work, you may need to bypass your browser's cache .