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The Greek community of Zambia comprises about 800 people (235 families) today, roughly half of whom hail from Cyprus. Most are concentrated in the capital Lusaka, while there are smaller enclaves in Luanshya and Kitwe.[1]

Migration history

The Greek presence in Zambia is dated to the early 20th century when many Greeks settled in nearby Congo. In particular there was a community in the trading center of Luapula. By the 1920s Greek traders and fishermen had established a center in Katanga and from there plied the river trade of the Congo to Zambia where many settled.[2]

Present situation

Today the Greek Community owns a building complex in Lusaka where the St. Alexander holy temple is housed along with a hall, a nursery, and boarding house for the second Greek teacher for the community's afternoon school. The Greek Orthodox community in Zambia is under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and has begun the construction of a mission center in the capital.[1] In September 2008 a new school was founded by the Greek community that will also serve the needs of the wider Zambian community, in particular children from areas not served by other schools.[3]

Community organisations

The community is represented by the Hellenic Association of Zambia (HAZ) which, together with SAE - World Council of Hellenes Abroad play an important role in supporting the country's cultural activities, in particular the Zambian Independence Mini Olympics (ZIMO). HAZ sponsors underprivileged and street-children in order to allow them to participate in the games.[4]


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