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Zambia Reports is a Lusaka based and a private owned news website which is focused on mainly critical political and economic intelligence. It was launched in March of 2012.


The website was launched in March 2012. It came about as a result of a meeting of minds of a freelance foreign correspondent with an obsession with African politics, and several Zambian journalists who felt that the media environment in the country would benefit from unconventional and fresh perspectives outside the mainstream voices in public.


Zambia Reports features original submissions from reporters and bloggers within Zambia and among the diaspora community.


Clement Malambo a Zambian journalist with a postgraduate degrees in journalism and political science.

Peter Adamu a Zambian political analyst.

Nse Udoh a Nigerian journalist specialized in politics and economic development.

Evans Mulenga a senior editor with 15 years experience in commentary, reporting, and broadcast coverage of politics, business, and sport across Zambia and the Southern Africa region.


  • 2014 MISA Award for Social Media Leader

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