Saiga Daka

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Saiga Daka
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Known forSaiga Daka Nightclub

Saiga Daka was one of the early businessmen in Matero, Lusaka.

Education and struggle for independence

After Zambia's independence in October 1964, Daka studied business in Europe under the sponsorship of Kenneth Kaunda. The gesture was a reward for his contribution to the freedom struggle. During the freedom struggle, Daka donated a Bedford lorry to UNIP which the party used in its operations


Daka’s ran a shop called Happy Grocery at Mulephele. He later ventured into entertainment business and became the proprietor of Saiga Daka Nightclub, which was famous for live music bands comprising mostly musicians hired from Zaire (now Congo DRC). The club was always jam-packed as it attracted patrons from other townships of Lusaka. The nightclub had loud speakers mounted on the rooftop and the music could be heard in far places.

Daka was the first businessman in Matero to own a filling station. The filling station was under the brand name Shell. It was later sold to Moyo Brothers, who converted the place into a school called Nyenyezi. also contributed towards the construction of Matero Parish Catholic Church opposite Saiga Daka nightclub.


After the death of Saiga Daka in 1986, the nightclub building was put on a 25-year lease and had some ownership legal battles that followed.