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Prime Minister of the Republic of Zambia
Coat of Arms of Zambia.svg
Coat of Arms of Zambia
AppointerPresident of Zambia
Formation25 August 1973
First holderMainza Chona
Final holderMalimba Masheke
Abolished31 August 1991

The Prime Minister of Zambia was the head of government in Zambia. From 1973 to 1975, Mainza Chona was the first person to hold the position following independence from the United Kingdom (Kenneth Kaunda was the first and only Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia in 1964, before it became independent as Zambia).

The position of the Prime Minister of Zambia was abolished in 1991, in the last months of Kaunda's presidential term. Since then, the President of Zambia serves as both the head of state and the head of government.

Prime Ministers of Zambia (1964–1991)


      United National Independence Party (UNIP)

Picture Name
Took office Left office Political Party
Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia
1 Kenneth David Kaunda detail DF-SC-84-01864.jpg Kenneth Kaunda
22 January 1964 24 October 1964 UNIP
Prime Ministers of the Republic of Zambia
Post abolished (24 October 1964 – 25 August 1973)
1 Mainza Chona - PM.jpg Mainza Chona
(1st time)
25 August 1973 27 May 1975 UNIP
2 No image.png Elijah Mudenda
27 May 1975 20 July 1977 UNIP
(1) Mainza Chona - PM.jpg Mainza Chona
(2nd time)
20 July 1977 15 June 1978 UNIP
3 No image.png Daniel Lisulo
15 June 1978 18 February 1981 UNIP
4 No image.png Nalumino Mundia
18 February 1981 24 April 1985 UNIP
5 No image.png Kebby Musokotwane
24 April 1985 15 March 1989 UNIP
6 No image.png Malimba Masheke
15 March 1989 31 August 1991 UNIP
Post abolished (31 August 1991 – Present)


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