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Mwamba Luchembe (Lieutenant Christopher Mwamba Luchembe), (born in 1960) is a former Zambia Army Lieutenant who at the age of 30 attempted a coup d’état during the one-party state era of Dr Kenneth Kaunda in 1990. His action came at a time when Zambians needed change of government and had risen against Kaunda's rule.

Mwamba Luchembe
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Christopher Mwamba Luchembe

Known for1990 coup attempt

Coup attempt

On July 1, 1990 Luchembe managed to make his way into the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) radio studios where he announced that the Zambia Army had taken over Government and he cited food riots of the previous week as reasons for his action because about 27 people had died while more than 100 were wounded.

Although Luchembe's action can be described as a failed coup attempt against president Kaunda, it certainly weakened his political power which was already shaky after three days of rioting.[1]


Luchembe was captured by soldiers and was escorted from ZNBC radio studios and taken to the outskirts of the capital, Lusaka. "I wanted to take over the government but Kaunda's puppets are stopping me," he said, pointing to the soldiers surrounding him. "These are Kaunda's puppets."[2]

Luchembe was arrested and retired. He now lives in Lusaka’s Kabwata township.

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