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Chilanga Cement is a company of Zambia. Chilanga is principally a cement company, producing cement and cement clinker. The company is headquartered in Chilanga (Lusaka), Zambia which is close to Lusaka, the national capital.


The company was founded in 1949, privatized in 1957, nationalized in 1973, and was the first large state-owned company to be privatized (or re-privatized, as it were), in 1994. Chilanga Cement was the first company to be listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange, in 1995.


The former Chilanga Cement, now Lafarge Cement Zambia, operates two major facilities, one in Chilanga (Lusaka), Zambia and one in Ndola. The Chilanga (Lusaka) facility had completed the construction and commissioning a new facility (seen in the photos) in 2008.

Chilanga's largest customer is the Zambian copper industry, including the large mining company KCM and MCM; it exports cement and cement clinker to nearby countries, including Malawi, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

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