Charles Mando

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Charles Mando
Charles Lupiya Buster Mando
Died May 11, 1990(1990-05-11) (aged 39)

Charles Lupiya Buster Mando (4 November 1950 — 11 May 1990) was a Zambian prolific broadcaster and presenter of the Sunday Interview on Zambia Broadcasting Services (now ZNBC). He was known for his extraordinary courage of probing high profile personalities such as politicians. This was during the one-party state era when it was difficult to ask government officials probing questions the way he used to for fear of the obvious.[1] One iconic interview was when he featured the Head of State Kenneth Kaunda on the Sunday Interview and asked him a very daring question, to which the president responded, "Do you realise that I can have you fired, Charles?” To everyone's surprise, Mando responded, “Mr President, you have not answered my question.”

Early life and career

Awards and honours

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) honoured Mando by naming the Charles Mando MISA Award after him. On 6 May 2017, ZNBC's Sunday Interview host Grevazio Zulu received the Charles Mando Best Interviewer recognition award.[2]

Personal life

Among Mando's children are musician Magnus Mando (Mag44) and broadcaster Kunda Mando.[3]

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