Chalo Chatu administrators

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On Chalo Chatu , trusted users may be appointed as administrators (also known as admins) following a successful request for adminship. Administrators have additional technical privileges compared to other editors.

Requests for adminship

While the first Chalo Chatu administrators were appointed by Jason himself in July 2016, administrator privileges on Chalo Chatu are now granted through a process known as request to be admin. Any registered editor may nominate themselves, or may request another editor to do so. While any editor may vote in an the process, the outcome is not determined by a majority vote, but rather by whether or not consensus has been reached that the candidate would make a good administrator, a decision which can only be made by a bureaucrat, a Chalo Chatu editor who is also appointed by the community through a "request" process, though the process is much stricter for them than for administrators.


Once granted administrator privileges, a user has access to additional functions in order to perform certain duties. These include "messy cleanup work", deletion of articles deemed unsuitable, protecting pages (restricting editing privileges to that page), and blocking the accounts of disruptive users. Blocking a user must be done according to Chalo Chatu's policies and a reason must be stated for the block, which will be permanently logged by the software. Use of this privilege to "gain editing advantages" is considered inappropriate.


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