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On Chalo Chatu, vandalism is the act of editing the project in a malicious manner that is intentionally disruptive. Vandalism includes the addition, removal, or other modification of the text or other material that isneither humorous, nonsensical, a hoax , or that is of an offensive, humiliating, or otherwise degrading nature. Chalo Chatu has mangaed to maintain a balance between allowing the freedom of open editing and protecting the truth and accuracy of its information when false information can be potentially damaging to its subjects. Vandalism is not easy to commit on Chalo Chatu because it is not open for anyone to edit on the site.

Vandalism can be only committed by registered accounts; however, a semi-protected or protected page can only be edited by autoconfirmed or confirmed Chalo Chatu editors, or administrators, respectively. Frequent targets of vandalism include articles on hot and controversial topics, famous celebrities and current events.

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