Angela Nyirenda

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Angela Nyirenda is a Zambian musician. She has a significant discography, with popular songs like "Malo Abwino" and "Chalo Chiwama Na Wako". Her music is known for its Afrocentric and Zambian cultural influences.

Early life and career

Angela was born in Chipata, Eastern Province of Zambia. She began her career not only as a singer but also as a dancer, showcasing her exceptional talent from an early age. She later moved to Lusaka and started her professional music career.

She joined the Sakala Brothers' Makewane Music as a backing vocalist and in 2004, with Moses Sakala as her producer, manager and main songwriter, she released her debut album 'Malo Abwino'.

Over the years, she has become a prominent figure in the Zambian music scene, known for her contributions to preserving and promoting traditional music.


  • 'Salary' (2015)
  • 'Zambian Girls' (2010)
  • 'Ngoma' (2006)
  • 'Malo Abwino' (2004)

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