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[[File:Angela Mulenga.jpg|thumbnail|right|Angela Mulenga]]
[[File:Angela Mulenga.jpg|230px|thumbnail|right|Angela Mulenga]]
'''Angela Mulenga''' (1988 - 14 May 2016) was a [[Zambia]]n fashion designer and make-up artist.
'''Angela Mulenga''' (1988 - 14 May 2016) was a [[Zambia]]n fashion designer and make-up artist.

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Angela Mulenga

Angela Mulenga (1988 - 14 May 2016) was a Zambian fashion designer and make-up artist.


Angela died at the age of 28 on Saturday, May 14, 2016, after she was involved in a road traffic accident along Addis Ababa Drive in Lusaka.[1]

‘Queens wear’ is a fashion label, by Zambian, fashion designer and make up artist, Angela Mulenga. It was founded by her mother, The late Trust Mulenga in the early 90s, who passed on when Angela was only 12 years old. At age 16, Angela made her debut in Zambia’s fashion industry, buy designing for local and then, upcoming musician, Angela Nyirenda. By the time she turned 18, Angela was one of top ten fashion designers in Zambia. In 2007, at the age of 20, Angela won the Young Bridal Designer Awards, in Lusaka Zambia. In October the same year, she showcased for the first time at the ‘ZAMBIA FASHION WEEK’ making her the youngest fashion designer to enter the show. In February, 2010, Angela was given a rare opportunity as one of only ten fashion designers across the continent, to showcase her work at the prestigious M-net face of Africa, contest. ANGELA’S DRESS WAS A WINNER!!! Angela hopes to launch a clothing line for men and also a line of cosmetics.