Zambian Music Legends (book)

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Zambian Music Legends
Zambia Music Legends book cover.jpg
Zambia Music Legends book cover
AuthorLeonard Koloko
GenreZambian music
PublisherLulu, USA
Publication date
20 July 2012
Media typePaperback

Zambian Music Legends is a book by Leonard Koloko presenting the marathon journey into the history of Zambian music. This journey surveys the wonderful art from its traditional function in the distant past to the present era where ‘Zam-ragga’ and hip hop have taken root.

The book also pays tribute to the often unsung heroes who have devoted their lives and careers to the growth of the music industry. The book further attempts to look at the role music has played in shaping the socio-cultural and economic development of the country.

To those that were there in the past, the book rekindles those sweet memories of the twisting 50’s, swinging 60’s and the Zam-rocking 70’s. It then goes into the 80’s and 90’s when Kalindula beats reverberated in the nation. The book also presents lessons to the young generation as they strive to re-discover their musical identity through Zam-ragga and hip-hop.

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