Roman Catholicism in Zambia

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The Roman Catholic Church in Zambia is part of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope in Rome. There are about three million Catholics in the country - about a quarter of the total population. There are ten dioceses, including two archdioceses.


The first Catholics in the country were Jesuits who crossed the Zambezi River near Victoria Falls in 1879. Jesuit missions were established among the Tonga in 1902 and at Broken Hill in 1927. The White Fathers, entering from the north in 1891, had greater success in what is now Northern and Luapula Province. Permanent Catholic stations on the Copperbelt were provided by Italian Franciscans in 1931. In May 1959 Lusaka became a diocese, and later Kasama also became one. Some media outlets, such as Radio Icengelo and the National Mirror, are linked to the church, which has championed social justice issues and the early pro-democracy movement of the 1980s.[1] For further details see History of Church activities in Zambia


There are 2 Archdioceses and 9 dioceses in Zambia


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