A Touch of the Sun (1979 film)

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A Touch of the Sun
A Touch of the Sun.jpg
Directed byPeter Curran
Produced byElizabeth Curran
Oliver I. Irwin
Written byPeter Curran
George Fowler
StarringOliver Reed
Sylvaine Charlet
Peter Cushing
Keenan Wynn
CinematographyDavid Mason
Edited byPeter Curran
Running time
95 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

A Touch of the Sun is a 1979 British-American comedy film directed by Peter Curran and starring Oliver Reed, Sylvaine Charlet, Peter Cushing and Wilfrid Hyde-White.[1] It was also released as No Secrets!. It was one of the first movies ever filmed in Zambia. A Touch Of The Sun was never shown outside Africa. By Hollywood standards, it did not make the grade. For a lot of Zambians, however, it was a glimpse of things to come, and a very proud moment in time.[2]


An American space capsule has crashed into an African dictatorship, whose ruler, Emperor Sumumba (Edwin Manda), refuses to return it unless he is paid a large ransom. In response the Americans send in a secret agent to recover it.


  • Oliver Reed - Captain Daniel Nelson
  • Sylvaine Charlet - Natasha
  • Peter Cushing - Commissioner Potts
  • Keenan Wynn - General Spellman
  • Edwin Manda - Emperor Sumumba
  • Wilfrid Hyde-White - M-1
  • Hilary Pritchard - Miss Funnypenny
  • Bruce Boa - Jim Coburn
  • A.M. Phiri - Chief Zawie
  • Melvyn Hayes - Ginger Rogers
  • Mike Cross - Fred Astaire
  • Fred Carter - President P. Nuts
  • Benjamin Shawa - Emperor's aide
  • Friday Nyamba - Emperor's aide
  • Jim Kenny - US operator

Others local members of the cast were:

Helen Mulala, Theofistor Mulwanda, Mar Mulwinda, Donnie Mukwakwa, Richard Kanyoza, Joseph Mivonya, David Kawandami, Rabbani Sumbukani, Charles Kanyangiwi, Stephen Sakala, Mike Seko, Kennedy Daka, Denis Mikayo, Mwila Mwanea, Ignatius Mwanza, James Mbowo, Davis Kuwolo, Mulota Luyanga, Christopher Muambwa, Kenneth Mulopo, Stanley Phiri, Patrick Winduna, Joseph Mwonya, David Sunga, Leonard Soko, Mary H. Jalamimba, Trica Montah, Juliet Mulwanda, Joy Wyalugwo, Agnes Whwato Luo, Scholastico Chilaske, Mabel Guilongo, Yvonne Mbao, Terry Mutteto, Marcy Banda, Davis Mdawa, Jool Nyoni and Guy Mulonga.[2]

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